What is Meron and Wala in Online Sabong and How it is Determined

In every sport or game with only two opposing parties fighting against each other, there is always the favorite and the underdog and cockfighting are no different. In this article, we are going to discuss the favorite and underdog and how it is determined.

meron vs wala explanation

Meron vs. Wala explained

In online sabong, there are two sides of the corner where the fighting cocks can be seen before the official fight starts. This is called the Meron (red on the left side) and the Wala (blue on the right side). Like in boxing, these sides are fixed and will be used by different cocks. This cannot be interchanged. The red is always on the left and the blue is always on the right.

To determine who is deemed the Meron and the Wala, the organizers simply have to look at which cock has the higher amount of money bet on it. The cock that has the higher amount of money bet on it will be placed on the Meron side and the other with the lower money will be placed on the Wala side.

In the above image (fight# 156), the initial amount of bet for the Meron is ₱80,661 ($1,583) while there is only ₱10,937 ($214). These amounts have been determined after the two opposing parties agreed therefore the one with the higher bet becomes the Meron and the one with the lower bet becomes Wala.

Contrary to what many people believe that cocks that have a physical advantage are always on the Meron side, this is not true. The only reason is the initial amount of money bet by the owners. But despite this, people still believe that the Meron side is always at the advantage and will most likely win, which is another wrong belief.

After this, in order to balance the bets out, a Matador would call out the bet indifference to the crowd and the announcer would shout the betting odds, take down the bets that the crowd would place on the Wala to balance out the pool of money. This is how it is done inside the cockpit during the actual cockfight but in online sabong, people are just allowed to bet before the start of the actual fight. There are around 2 minutes for the online players to place their bets before the actual fight and since not all people thinks that the Meron is always in the advantage, sometimes, the final bet on Wala surpasses the Meron as you can see on the image below of the same fight# 156.

In general terms, Meron could be referred to as the favorite and Wala as underdog in terms of funds but not in terms of physical attributes so it is the players/bettors who will determine which cock they think would win.

If you are a career player, the best thing to do is to always check the trend, take down notes, and analyze the trend. You can also take note of the fighting cocks weights, age, fighting record, and owners’ records. Online Sabong is not just about picking the bird you think would win in a single game but if you are serious about winning, analytics is very important.

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